12 satirical drawings, published by the danish newspaper JP, has reached worldwide attention as well as outrage, violence and condemnation in the muslim world (note: terror has not). The drawings have become a symbol of the muslim threat to free speech. Papers all over the world have re-published the drawings, politicians around the globe have expressed their support, and websites all over hyperspace use and display the images in sympathy.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Muhammed on T-shirts

Letter from Mikka in Finland:

Hi s*brant, tought you might like to know this,

My webshop with Muhammed drawing T-shirts you linked last week was, as you know, banned. A week ago, I modified the T-shirt design to a distorted logo behind a large CENSORED banner. This was initially approved by Spreadshirt.

But as the world conflict escalated this week, Spreadshirt got scared. The CENSORED design has now itself been censored , and all products removed from my shop.

The only thing they didn't ban: The name of my shop.

But it gets even better...

Spreadshirt has a cool Design-your-own-tshirt feature, that provides users with a gallery of many icons and fonts to choose from. With my own design banned, i tried using the Spreadshirt gallery icons. I was surprised to find a large collection of anti-war, anti-bush and blatantly anti-american images, but none for opposing opinions. For instance, the Statue of Liberty on a bullet, or how about the handicap symbol for "blind" (three black dots on yellow background) shaped as the map of USA?

And - browsing more default spreadshirt images, what face pops of, in a stylized design ... that of Osama Bin Laden!

USA version of the Spreadshirt does not contain the Osama standard icon. I tried to ask them why the Osama logo was only available in European shops, but they never answered.

I can't believe the doublestandards of companies like that! They willingly print murderers as icons, to leech of anti-american sentiment in Europe, but are afraid to publish a sign that says "CENSORED", because the shop is entitled Muhammed. Talking about censorship is also censored - isn't free speech beautiful?

Yes, freedom of speech is beautiful.