12 satirical drawings, published by the danish newspaper JP, has reached worldwide attention as well as outrage, violence and condemnation in the muslim world (note: terror has not). The drawings have become a symbol of the muslim threat to free speech. Papers all over the world have re-published the drawings, politicians around the globe have expressed their support, and websites all over hyperspace use and display the images in sympathy.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Naming the Future

News outlets are stumbling over their own legs trying to find the best nickname for the current conflict with the Muhammed cartoons.

The "Cartoon Controversy" has more than 800 news entries. Nothing bad here - move on!

The term "Cartoon Row" is almost just as popular with more than 700 Google news entries. This is a politically correct understatement of what is going on. It is used by most mainstream media. It somehow indicates that this is "stirred sentiment" and nothing else.

The name "Cartoon Intifada" seems to be picking up momentum with 67 google news entries. This is a wrong depiction of the conflict. It somehow indicates a rebellion, which it is certainly not. Unfortunately, many blogs repeat this term.

"Cartoon Conflict" has 33 hits, but must be considered too descriptive and weak to qualify for a common name.

The stupid name "Cartoongate" has 5 news hits. God knows who came up with this. This is not a political conspiracy.

I have started using the term "Cartoon Clash" on the map (17 news entries) but the clash is not really caused by the cartoons. The cartoons have had a catalyzing effect on an already existing conflict.

There is something in the making, that most have not yet come to realize. It is the great Clash of Cilizations.

100 years from now, should free countries stand up and defend their rights to freedom, it will come to be known as the 3rd World War.

Other than the 3rd World War, there are three other possible outcomes.

Either Islam will self-realize and undergo a worldwide Islamic Reformation and learn to live in peace and non-expansionistic existence with other religions. It is possible, but does not currently seem very likely. Only in very few societies are muslim reformists voicing opposition to the Dark Age mentality of Islam. Currently, the conservative forces of the islamic idea are too strong, and the core stands unquestioned by moderates.

The other possibility is that terror, immigration, muslim population growth, appeasement and dhimmitude will result in a worldwide Islamic state called the Ummah.

The third option is that the west will deport muslims supporting islamic law, and and ban all elements of Islam non-compatible with our concept of freedom.

The above is not politics. It is not warmongering. It is not opinion. It is fact.

Our ability to realize these facts, muslims and non-muslims alike, will determine the future.