12 satirical drawings, published by the danish newspaper JP, has reached worldwide attention as well as outrage, violence and condemnation in the muslim world (note: terror has not). The drawings have become a symbol of the muslim threat to free speech. Papers all over the world have re-published the drawings, politicians around the globe have expressed their support, and websites all over hyperspace use and display the images in sympathy.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Pen versus Sword

The pen:
  • 1 newspaper publishes 12 satirical Muhammed cartoons
The sword:
  • Moderate muslims protesting peacefully against unconditional freedom of speech, requesting punishments and press control
  • Islamic countries boycott Danish industry
  • Court orders ban the cartoons
  • Islamic requests for future banning of religious mockering
  • Islamic requests for severe punishment of responsible editors
  • Muslim protesters issue death threats to all who publish cartoons
  • Death threats to cartoonists and editors in most publishing countries
  • Muslim death threats to supporters of free speech
  • Jailings and persecutions of editors
  • Muslims burning flags in 10+ countries
  • Violent muslim protests in 10+ countries
  • Attacking and burning of western businesses in muslim countries
  • Attacks on churches and killing of a priest
  • Attacking and burning of 10+ government consulates and embassies in 5 muslim countries
The pen:
  • Republications of the cartoons in 130 newspapers in 49 other countries, as an act of sympathy and support of free speech.